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I have a big LED Panel board which uses several LED multicolor panels that are powered by around 15 DC 12V 80A SMPS power supply adapters(Input 230V AC). I am seeing these power supplies being failed very frequently. I do not see any kind of burnt components, but no power in output. The dealer says, that my incoming EB line would have fluctuations which is causing this. But I have several other appliances and SMPS for camera system which doesnt face this problem. Can you suggest, if I can use a stabilizer for theses SMPS so there wont be any fluctuations in the input current voltage? If you could think of any other problem please do recommend.



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Difficult to say without getting one taken apart to find actual fault.

What i do in these situations is try an alternative manufacturer.

Recently had issues with failing comms equipment and alter several replacements failed changed to another supplier and magically no more issues


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Are they running hot normally? How long are they lasting?

If checking them be very sure they are fully shrouded/insulated as often the exposed parts like heatsinks are live!

Power supplies are often the part that fails first, they are usually built down to a price and then down a bit more. Sometimes it is just a bad manufacturing batch, other times just crap design.

Most are specified for the full AC range, say 207-253V for Europe/UK, so normal mains fluctuations should not matter. You can get them damaged by lightning surges or very big industrial motors nearby inducing over-voltages, but that is pretty rare in most environments.

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