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so some of you may have seen my previous posts with my website.. MANY MISTAKES were found which is the reason i wanted your feedback

Ive edited ALOT of the site now, spelling mistakes and grammer should be better! Services page less crazy, blog gone.. Etc etc

Other than the phone number (Sorting a landline number out soon) any criticism is welcome guys and greatly appreciated
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In services "we can tailor your home..."
No mate "We can and will tailor our service to suit your needs"
You never ever do quick insulation resistance tests...You follow the correct procedures at all times. Get rid of that bit
Take the bit on the alarms page, bin it and put a bit about it in services...Needless repetition, you've already said hello good evening and welcome on the home page.
Offers... get rid of the free smoke alarms, "why are they offering them free, do they think we'll need them when they're done"
Mention that at the quoting stage, something like "and of course Mr and Mrs client that includes smoke and heat alarms as required by part p of the building regulations"


I'm maybe not qualified to comment as English isn't my strong point but I didn't understand this on the home page;
our service will be tailor made to suit your expectations

Also the word 'dedication' or 'dedicated' is used a little too often (4 times in 6 lines).

The 'electrical' page is a repeat of info from other pages. Maybe a gallery page with a few photos would be better instead.

I like the general layout, it's clean, easy to navigate and it looks professional. I also ran it past the various browsers i have installed and it displays well on all of them, even Opera.

*Edit* Sorry about the repeat suggestions, Trev obviously types with more than one finger and beat me to the post :)
Nah come on mate we all have those moments. I was looking for my pliers the other day, a pipe monkey bent down behind my feet and picked something up, "Will these do till you find them" he said. Wouldn't have minded if a spark had done it but a pipe monkey?? GRRRRRRRRRRRR



on home page could do with sorting.

also the new tab opening up when navigating between electrical and alarm links.
Is it 2 separate sites?
Probably doesn't need to be.

The overuse of dedicated and suggestions of photos of previous work from Marvo also good.

Trev's suggestions also make sense.



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I like the layout of the site, seems quite inviting and easy on the eye:thumbsup

As for the content? I only look at the pictures :D


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May want to get that spellchecker out once more mate.:wink5:


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I think your main problem will be people thinking is he going to be in Woking or Huddersfield? today? the day after a big job? When I need him back......


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Umm maybe

What my thought process of the Alarms + Electrical site ISSS

Around me locally there are big electrical companies.. who do all electrical even alarms, but there are dedicated Alarm companies around me which basically cover MOST houses... these companies are just dedicated in doing alarms what im thinking is

If someone searches on google Electrician Huddersfield, they get to my Electrician page
IF someone searches on google Alarms Huddersfield, they get to my Alarms page

Is that good idea or bad lol
Set up another site for your alarms or change to Unicorn electrical and security and mess about with your alarm page

Silly Sausage

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Good idea trev...
Unicorn Electrical and
Unicorn Alarm Systems.

Separate addresses and have a link to each other on each site (maybe?).


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Quality ha i get SOME good ideas at least! :p

Silly Sausage

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We're looking at, somewhere around the 2.5% share of your profits each.
Sounds reasonable for consultancy fees! :)
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