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  1. M-B-Electrical-Services

    RCD protection for a temporary 16A commando socket outlet

    Hi all, Just a quick one regarding the need for RCD protection for socket outlets rated up to and including 32A. I have been tasked to install temporary power in the form of a single 16A commando socket outlet for the purpose of feeding a boiler to maintain heating in a building owned by the...
  2. J

    Generator to 16 amp commando wall socket through wall to 13A wall socket

    For emergency use, when there's a power outage, the current situation (no pun intended) is that I'm running a hook up cable from the 16A socket on my genny, (see hook up cable - 25 m length) along the garden path, and through a small window into the house. This hook up cable goes to an...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    Meter options for a 16A commando socket?

    My customer has a 16A commando socket in their garage. The garage is rented out and used as a kiln room. It does have a separate CU in it. He has asked if the power usage of the commando socket can be monitored. Not just a live reading, but a cumulative reading (as a normal meter would do). I...
  4. H

    230v 3 pin commando polarity tester

    Is there a 230v 3 pin commando polarity tester that is a reasonable price? I have seen the Martindale one at £45.00 Ideally i would like one about £15.00 /£ 20.00. I am just fixing a socket outside for my camper van to keep the topped up in the winter. The solar panels are ok for the summer. I...
  5. H

    240V Commando sockets

    I want to put a hookup outside my house for my camper van. I will be using a commando socket (at least that what we called them when i was at work) If you view the socket as mounted on the wall, the socket itself is facing down obviously. All i can see are top entry for the supply i am looking...
  6. C

    how to work out what size commando plug I need.

    Hello. It has been a long time since circuit designing for me as I am a simple maintenance person. How do I work out commando plug sizing, for example a machine rated at 32A, plus I have several machine that need moving onto one board, I have there rated current how do I work out board size...
  7. J

    230/240vac 10.5a rated heat plate into Single Ph 32a commando socket

    Hi all, ist post: I have a portable appliance which is a temperature controlled heat plate, the input requirements are single phase 230/240vac 10.5a, the unit is designed and built in the US and is factory adapted for the UK market. The supplied flex that comes with the unit is 3.3 mm sq 3 core...
  8. haptism

    Gland for MK 32A commando plug

    Anyone know what gland for is needed a MK 32A commando socket to hold a flex ??? Its got a thread for a gland (see pics) I expect its a stuffing gland if using flex but its an odd size. Its for a commercial single phase oven 16Kw
  9. A

    Commando Socket Cable Size

    Hi I Don't Touch Industrial / Commercial Electrics As I've Never Worked On The Stuff! … I Have Asked A Electrician That Does Work In This Sector (Of Who I've Never Used Before) To Wire In 2x Commando Sockets For A Customer I Have... My Question Is Are The Cable Sizes / Breakers Adequate For...
  10. A

    Commando socket for kiln

    hi everyone, had a search but couldn’t find the answer to my question so hoping this isn’t duplicated. We’ve just got a kiln which is single phase 240v 5.5kw. It’s got a commando plug on it. When we moved to the house it had a kiln from the previous owner ( they took it with them ) this was...
  11. F

    32A commando socket without isolator

    Any issues with installing one of these without an isolator? The D.B is about 3 meters away and the commando socket will be mounted under a kitchen worktop for a coffee machine and there isn't enough room for an isolator.
  12. C

    Commando socket question

    a client needs a 32a single phase commando installed so they can charge the forklift via a 7.2kw charger. There is currently a redundant ring circuit adjacent, tested ring continuity and a is ok on the 32a RCBO. Apart from sounding a bit piky can anyone see anything unsafe with the temporary...
  13. D

    16 amp commando sockets. 20 amp mcb on site guide as maximum value mcb

    Hello the on site guide lists 20 amp maximum mcb for 16 amps sockets. Having a debate with someone as to why this is? Why not 16amp mcb? I installed 20 amp mcb as it's for a car charger that charger's at 16amps for 8 hours and is not capable of pulling more than 16 amps but this has been pulled...
  14. 8

    Minor works, fixed dwelling with commando input.

    Hi gents, I'm working on a container thats is ply lined and has lighting and power inside all run in plastic 20mm surface conduit. Protective device is a garage 2-way consumer unit with 30ma rcd main switch (already installed on arrival). The container is in middle of a field on a mod site -...
  15. B

    63amp commando plug pilot terminal

    what's the pilot terminal for?
  16. I

    Commando socket/plug

    hi have a query reguarding the possible use of a 240v 16amp commando socket/ plug i cant find a plug connector( or socket inlet) with a ip rated cover they all appear to be for internal use.Dont really want to fit an enclosure.Customer requires the ability to have power in shed/summer house...
  17. C

    Cable To Use For A 32A Commando socket!

    So I have some servers in my shed and I simply can't run all these servers of a single 13A socket so I need to change my power solution here's a design I mocked up, I'm just wondering what cable to use from the consumer unit to the commando plug in the shed, The MCB is 32AMP so I'm just curious...
  18. driverman

    Baffled. Sewage eater.

    Hi Guys. wondered if any of you guys have installed one of these or similar. It's a Marsh External compressor housing. Basically it for pumping sewage away and into an underground plastic cess- pool. Ground worker put everything in when doing drains etc. SWA supply cable there and 2 x 16 amp...
  19. C

    Free: Various used commando outlet isolators

    I salvaged these from a job rather than skip them. Would need patching up, or suitable trunking arrangement to hide the various holes. Some have only one. They're going in the bin if not taken!
  20. S

    Commercial 16 A Commando Combination Unit Required

    Evening Gents, I have been tasked with running a 240v supply to a small diesel storage facility. I am looking for a combination unit which would consist of a Main switch 30ma RCD 16amp mcb and an commando socket outlet to supply a .3kw pump. Does any such thing exist out...
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