1. K

    a good quality LockOut /Tagout kit?

    Hi Guys, can anybody recommend a very good quality Safety Lockout/Tagout kit?
  2. R

    Which interlock Kit is compatible ?

    I am beginner with electric work and do DIY's only :). I installed interlock kit and cut the piece to make it work but electric inspector came and said "NO NO". I need to use kit that fits without cutting it. I want to use left side breaker only with the main switch. Can you please advise which...
  3. L

    New cable thread/pull rod kit ?

    Any recommendation other than the CK kits ?? Tend to be 2.5mm or 6mm cables I use
  4. S

    Irrigation Pump Kit Installation

    I would like some advice...I am buying an irrigation pump kit rated at 1.5kW, 415VAC, with a direct online starter field panel. The pump will regularly start and stop throughout the day to empty a water tank as it fills. I have a spare breaker in my switchboard rated at 20A. The distance from...
  5. jasonvr

    Advice on conflict between generator interlock kit and subpanel requirements (Siemens Panel)

    I recently had my 50yr old 100A main panel replaced with a 200A Siemens panel (MC2040B1200EFC). It is the incarnation with the 200A main breaker at the bottom (earlier versions were center fed which would have alleviated my problem). At the same time I had the electrician add a 50A inlet for a...
  6. B

    Generator interlock kit

    Hi Everyone. Question to the group. I have 2 x 150A panels. I currently have an interlock kit to one of the panels which services my main floor and sub panel basement circuits.... I am now looking to provide coverage to my other panel pictured on the left. In order to do this.... Do I just...
  7. M

    looking for an interlock kit

    hi all, we have a very old house which also happens to have a very old breaker box. I can't for the life of me identify the proper interlock kit for the model of the breaker box I have. thanks for any advice. 1568223862 I could not post all the details on the original thread, so adding it...
  8. E

    fuse finder kit?

    has anyone used these fuse finder its?
  9. Kamikaze

    LED Strip Self Adhesive Tape Kit

    Has anyone ever fitted one of these to the underside of kitchen cupboards and was it any good?
  10. G

    Underfloor Heating Repair or repair kit?

    Hi Folks, I've had a quick search for a thread on this but there are so many queries on UFH. I've been asked to repair some UFH where a carpenter has sliced through it with his stanley knife. I've never worked with UFH before but what i have been told is that this stuff is called elements e...
  11. Z

    Timber Frame /" Kit" houses pricing

    Obviously easier to wire than traditional builds but would be interested from those who have been doing them for a while if theres a "rough" figure to use to cross check pricing ie £25 pere switch £35 per socket, that kind of thing. cheers Ze
  12. P

    New Test kit....

    Just purchased a fluke 1651 test kit, brand new condition with twelve months calibration on it....I have got my head around the function keys for the likes of 180deg rcd tests, 250,500 etc for IR, bin told to forget about the three pin plug lead.....any other tips or anything else I should look...
  13. R

    split load kit

    Wylex 16th ed board. unprotected side and rcd side. Im doing some work on the unprotected side and want to fit rcd. If i bought a split load kit (rcd and tails), will this come with a neutral bar and can you get the clips to hold it.
  14. T

    Downlight converter Kit

    Im looking for an IP65 Firerated downlight that comes with the converter Kit? Has anyone come across them in the past, i can find many other converter kits (it means you can fit a standard GU-10 downlight into a bigger hole) But i need a IP65 Fire rated fitting with this converter.. Like...
  15. M

    outside cameras x2 plug in kit

    hi all not sure where to post but a friend has asked roughly the cost of installing a basic camera system outside its a plug in system they wish to have a camera on front door and one round side approx 10ft(3m) to front door and 26ft (8m) to side they were going to install on their own but have...
  16. D

    Kit to flog!

    Hi, got x3 Small room induction kit pda102l SigNET PDA102L meeting room induction loop kit - Induction loops 50m2 kits Make me am offer. Based in tamworth. Thanks


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