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  1. C

    Tester probes for use with Wago's

    Hello All, Just wondering which types of tester probes you all use for testing on Wago connectors? The probes on my MFT and multimeter do not fit through the small hole incorporated in the connector for testing. I am using a very fine needle type probe at the moment but would prefer something...
  2. happyhippydad

    megger probes wont fit in to kewtech socket tester?

    Evening all.. Just got my brand new megger and am having a play. The megger probes dont fit into my socket tester (Kewteck Kewcheck), or rather they are too short so don't reach the metal part in the tester. Does anyone know if there is a socket tester that they do fit, or are there different...
  3. Zdb

    Fluke test probes premium TP175E leads.

    Anyone know if these will fit the Fluke T5-600/1000? I want to know if they will clip inside like the original probes do. Thanks Fluke TP175 Twist Guard Test Probes, 1000V Voltage,10A Current, 2mm Tip Diameter | eBay -
  4. S

    What is this tester? Looks new to me.

    any one have any idea what its this tester..
  5. B

    Why Am I Having Problems Detecting Current At Wall Outlet With Gs38 Probe?

    Hi, I have purchased a Kewtech KT1780 Voltage Tester. But I can't get it to do a double pole test. The instructions show the user inserting the probes into the wall outlet. But I don't get any indication when I put the probes into the wall outlet. Is it because the probes are too small? I...
  6. happyhippydad

    Fluke T5 or T150?

    Evening all.. I will be buying one of the above but am struggling to choose between them both. I am 70% for the T150 and 30% for the T5. Lots of people seem to rate the T5. What I particularly like about the T150 is that the buttons are on the probe so you only need 2 hands for all actions...
  7. M

    Underfloor heating

    I need to replace a thermostat on an underfloor heating setup, its about 10 year old so i can't get the same one and as i understand it the thermostat needs the right temperature probe otherwise it will be all messed up, i really don't want to try and get the probe out and try and get a new one...
  8. D

    Megger GS38 probe tips

    Does anyone know where I can find the test lead probe tips? Megger sell a pack of 20 £26.40! This seems a little expensive to me but maybe I'm just tight??
  9. R

    Voltage Detector Compliant?

    I had this bought for me for Christmas. The description says its made by Metrel and is GS38 compliant. When I received it, it doesn't says Metrel anywhere on the product or the box. The probes have around 15mm exposed, when you unscrew the covers there is slightly less exposed, possible...
  10. P

    megger mft 1553

    hi all ive lost the insulating tips off the leads on my megger. does anyone one know where i can source some. tried google but cant seem to find any. must be using the wrong search terms thanks paul
  11. L

    ELFi testing

    Hi all, tis me again, knee deep in paperwork and still not done any revision for my exam tomorrow..... I need to write the method for earth fault loop impedance test but seeing as i have never done it... we werent allowed to do any live tests other that the RCDs i cant put pen to paper, i know...
  12. T

    Bang! Large flash / bang at voltmeter tips.

    Hi all, Just had quite a fright & must say I'm pretty annoyed with myself. I've just tested the ends of a wire to check if it was live (using a fluke voltmeter) and had a massive flash and bang at the points of the probes). I'm annoyed because I should have isolated the circuit and...
  13. T

    Water level switch?

    I have the task of installing a pump under ground at the side of a lift shaft that is surrounded by water, the builder has asked for a permanent pump installed with a float switch so that when water reaches a set level the pump kicks in automatic.. Does anyone have any experience with this type...
  14. E

    What voltage tester do you use?

    I currently own a Fluke T3 which I love as a basic voltage indication device. I also own a couple of T5-1000 which I still like but am more cautious of them as they have the dial which I worry can get muck/dust in and fail so they usually only get used in a cleaner enviroment or for when I am...
  15. F

    Why does a volt-meter not show a reading when connected to the same phase?

    When a volt-meter is connected to the same phase. Why doesn't it show a voltage reading? Thanks in advance for any explanations.
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