1. P

    Electrician walked out - worth involving NICEIC?

    Long story short - our electrician walked out 2/3rds of the way through a complete rewire including a new fuse box. Is it worth complaining to NICEIC? I've got another electrician willing to finish the job; NICEIC have said they can't help with my complaint if that's the case but if the original...
  2. S

    Health and safety policy and complaints log

    hi all, I ve just had my stroma assessment and had a couple of non conformites on my h&s policy and complaints log. Does anyone know of any I could download.
  3. Pete999


    I was listening to a debate regarding Part P and a point came up regarding Quality Supervisors, one chap mentioned that many of the larger Contracting firms, say 30 operatives would operate with only 1 QS. Now I'm no expert but I have a good Friend who was a QS (he is a member of the Forum) not...
  4. T

    Anybody having problems with click scolmore gear?

    Evening All, We have been having a few issues this week with faulty gear from click scolmore, blue lugs snapping off the bezels on inceptor micro downlights, mode double sockets only working on one side etc. When I spoke to quality control today I am the only wholesaler in the uk with these...
  5. Leesparkykent

    Watchdog - My Home UK (MyHomeUK) Feedback and Reviews

    Who's watching it? A firm from Maidstone ripping OAP's off, cold calling them and bullying them into an EICR costing £600! I wonder how much they charge for the remedial work. Just looking at their website it comes across as scaremongering and preying on the fact of metal consumer units to...
  6. D

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Worry - Don't bother, they're sound and normal and not just after you for your money!

    Just had my Stroma assessment. I just wanted to put all the guys minds at ease that are awaiting theirs. Went ok and I was pooing myself to say the least. (Who enjoys being interviewed about their job and knowledge) Had a guy called Gary who was very chilled and eased my nerves. Got a couple...
  7. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Assessment - What's it like?

    Hi all, I have my Stroma assesment tomorrow, and I am bricking it lol. I have my calibration certificate, qualification, regs book, on site guide, electricity at work (pdf on my phone), passport photos and cv. Is there anything else I need? What's the assesment like and what do they as you...
  8. JohnTheGeek

    Weirdest Complaints.. You've Ever Had From Strange Customers

    I'm writing a blog post on the weird things customers happen to moan about. Can you help me out with your "wrongest" ever complaint?
  9. B

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Having passed the assessment they are asking for...... complaints procedure health and safety risk assesement as a old one man band, any ideas where I can get something short and simple to placate them ? dont have complaints, always h&s aware dont take risks !! Lol joking apart, any help...
  10. B

    best complaints stroppiest customer

    Come on what's the best story, we have all had them customers who like to winge.. Couple of weeks ago council rewire.. Upstairs flat owner comes done and asks if we can keep the drilling till after 12 as he watching Jeremy Kyle Or the customer who complains about chasing the wall to conceal...
  11. G

    complaints procedure

    complaints procedure for assesment? any ideas. a website maybe.
  12. V

    Access 2 trades Complaints procedure 2012 onwards

    Hey. Can anybody give any help or advice on how best to pursue a complaint against Access 2 Trades Ltd since their administration. In particular The Mis-selling of courses?? Many Thanks in advance guys - V
  13. A

    ELECSA Complaint log

    Hi there,maybe anyone has the copy of ELECSA complaint log paper on pc and would be able to forward it to me, would be much appreciated, assessment in couple days but the pack hasn't come..Been looking everywhere through google but couldn't find one.
  14. Jay Sparks

    Complaints procedure & HASWA

    Hi Guys & Gals, Can any one tell me were I can get hold of a comlaints procedure and a copy of the HASAWA to show for my Elesca assesment? If I could get hold of a template or, if some one can tell me what sort of stuff I need to put in it and any other paper work help would be appriciated. I...
  15. A

    OLCI complaints, feedback or suggestions

    Hi all, Alana Fox here from OLCI Construction Training. If you have any questions, OLCI reviews or OLCI complaints, please email me on [email protected] or phone me on 0800 316 8100. We constantly work to improve our service and levels of support, and welcome your feedback, suggestions...
  16. R

    Paper Work

    In the process of gathering paper work for my assesment. I was wonering what paper work you guys keep and what you show to the assor when being assessed anually. As i understand i need the following. IEE 17th Book IEE 17th On-site Guide EWR 1989 Memorandom (blue book) H&S At work act saftey...
  17. G

    health and safety documents and complaints sheets

    hiy guys wondering if anyone can help im a due inspection from elecsa and have been told i need a health and safety document and also a complaints sheet for my company how do i go about doing this? thanks for any help :)
  18. P

    Another NIC assessment

    Well it's that time of year again, latest assessment requires evidence of a written health & safety policy statement ***!!! and undertakes risk assessments ***!!! As I work on my own, therefore employ less than 5 people, 1 is less than 5 ? It is not a requirement of law that I have a written...


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