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Hello all
some of this will probaly be repeated stuff from other threads(i have looked back already) and some of it might help others so here goes anyway.
Advertising, flyers, websites etc just wondered who found gained best results.Im working on the website got it free for 2 years with 5 web addresses from microsoft office live,play with existing templates or get some one to play around with the design for you.you just have to register a credit card i presume this is to allow pay per click if you want that route.
the van, do i sign write. Im part p registered but most of my work normally comes from subby work, just wondered if others in same position found them selves losing work because of turning up on someone elses site with there name plastered everywhere?
Phone no. i dont want the expense of anther bt line does any one use those voip systems,which ones?, can i just stick it through the broadband at home and use it for advertising next to my mobile?Ive looked into this alittle the fsb offer the voip and you can choose a no. to match your area code
flyers, i would mainly like to target other businesses so planned to target ind estates,any tips on successful flyers, or templtes found on line.Anyone found certain topics easier to promote e.g update data network, add points, fire alarm updates or just stick to power & lights.
which areas of advertising generally work best to target the commercial industrial side of things?
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